The dumbest question you can ask as soon as you get on the plane

After you have discovered every inch of Greece, there is no alley you have not walked and a tavern that you haven’t had lunch in, you are preparing to travel to the city of Light. Your destination is Paris! But not alone…

You’ve planned your trip in every detail, it’s actually a great gift to your beloved. It’s the first trip you do on a plane and, of course, your first trip together.

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After feeling like you’re lost in the departure hall and then in the waiting room, you walk in the bellows, hand in hand with your sweetheart. A few steps away to get on the plane, that is, a matter of seconds.

You walk in with your right hand and a smile up to your ears…

You greet the flight attendants who welcome you to the door, but your anxiety about everything going well continues to exist. As we said, it’s your first trip. Crossing the aisle of the first class, you address the fellow traveller with whom your eyes met. “It’s going to Paris, isn’t it?” you ask him.

He nods to you affirmatively…

You don’t know if he’… mute or just not in the mood for much talk.

Your confidence is at 35,000 feet high. You did just fine. “Here we are,” you say with pride in your partner, and you offer her your place in the window while it was yours. You’re about to take off to Paris, have a nice trip!