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The large squares of Athens and how they got their names

A characteristic of Athens as well as many other European cities is its large public squares that have many years of history. Public Squares that have witnessed various historical events and have become places of tears and revolutions. They have hosted mass gatherings and their names have been linked to great persons of its history. Athens has town-squares that are the center of the city-life that evolves around them until today. Let us go and see where some of the most famous acquired their names. Clafthmonos Square Or else, the ...

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Athens: where was Agamon Square and why was it called that?

The old Athens has many stories to tell and some of them relate to the names of various streets and squares. Such a story concerns the Agamon Square which of course has now been renamed. This is Americis Square which, as it turns out, has changed its name not only once but twice. It is located on the west side of Patision Street and only two kilometers away from Omonia Square. The square has even given its name to the wider area that surrounds it. When Agamon Square in Athens ...

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