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Nisyros: A magical island with volcanic terrain and sparkling shores

Nisyros is a unique island in Greece with a rich history and mythology. It has one of the most beautiful stories in Greek mythology. According to the myth, the island was created during the Gigantomachy, the war between Gods and Giants. Poseidon pursued the Giant Polyvotis to Kos and cut off a section of the island. He then threw it over his enemy, plunging him forever into the Aegean Sea. The legendary rock that broke away from Kos is today’s Nisyros. The eruptions of its once-active volcano are said to ...

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Holidays on the volcano island of Greece – And no, it’s not Santorini

The diversity of Greece allows you to go for a vacation in the most amazing places, every year. Especially in summer, you can find yourself, either on blue beaches with trees that reach to the sea, or enjoy lunar landscapes that are the result of various processes of the natural environment. You can even go for a vacation on a volcano island and this time we're not talking about Santorini. Nisyros is the rising volcano island that more and more people want to explore. Maybe you want to be one ...

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