Lefkada: Nidri, Onassis’ favorite fishing village.

Scorpio was the great love of Aristotle Onassis. But it was not the only one as far as it concerns the places of Greece he had loved. One of them was very close to Scorpio and was basically a fishing village beautiful and picturesque. So small that it has nothing to do with today's data. It is the Nidri. The seaside settlement in Lefkada definitely steals the heart of every visitor who will be found on the island. That's exactly how it happened with Onassis. The fishing village in Lefkada ...

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Myrtos- Kefalonia: A Paradise Beach

Kefalonia is famous for its beautiful and blue beaches with crystal clear waters and white sand. A scene that looks like an exotic destination and you don't see it anywhere else. Some of them even stand out not only in Greece but also around the world. Such a beach is Myrtos's. Myrtos is majestic!  If you see it from above,  you won't be there just once. The images, after all, speak for themselves... It's no coincidence that they call it a glimpse of the sky. Myrtos Beach and its immersive ...

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Zakynthos: The elegant city of the Ionian Sea

Zakynthos is in itself a fine and graphical island that is a typical example of the Ionian Islands. The city of Zakynthos is the capital of the island. Built at the foot of the hill of Bohali. It is a modern city that was rebuilt, after the earthquake of 1953. When you visit it you will notice that it is the elegant city of the Ionian. You will see the imposing traditional buildings with the arches, the arched windows. Even the graphical squares maintain the traditional style of the old ...

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