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Gastronomic trip to Santorini with tomato meatballs and boussés

From the famous wines and the little tomato to the fava bean, Santorini proposes a range of flavours that you will discover for the first time and will be excited. The volcanic soil and the special microclimate of Santorini result in the cultivation and growth of a range of products unique in taste. This, of course, is combined with the unique recipes of the island which are the result of years of processing food. Santorini and gastronomy go together. Santorini, the romantic island Santorini spreads its beauty with pride on ...

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Tinos: The culinary journey starts with sweet cheese pies

Apart from the beautiful Chora and its beaches, Tinos stands out for its gastronomy. It is difficult to be on this island of the Cyclades Complex and not enjoy the good food and also its sweets. Most of the population of Tinos is engaged in agriculture, husbandry and fishing, which is what has affected the cuisine of the island. This fertile Cycladic island, with its famous local products and gastronomic fiestas, opens your appetite from the moment you go out to the port in the morning. What is the best ...

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Patatato: The dish that convinces you that Amorgos knows about gastronomy

There are some islands in Greece that the less you know about them, the more they will surprise you when it's time to visit them. One of them is certainly Amorgos. An island that can make even your short summer vacation unforgettable. The island where you find accommodation the way you imagine itand where you can your wander around Chora and its villages by the hours. And of course, you discover surprises, such as patatato. Amorgos is the easternmost island of the Cyclades Complex. In its privileged geographical position and ...

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