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Ikaria Island: The 5 best beaches on the island

Ikaria is a special island, with its own character in the southeastern Aegean and those who visit it talk about its hospitable people, beautiful lifestyle, and relaxing beaches. The island is known for the longevity of its people and the Ikarian way of life. But Ikaria has truly beautiful beaches that are ready to be discovered, the gems of the Aegean Sea. Here are the top 5: Five Greek beaches with Caribbean-like waters Ikaria Beaches: Seychelles Beach The best and most exotic beach on the island and perhaps for many ...

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Ikaria: The way of life and the secret of longevity

A piece of land of 254 square kilometers in the southeastern Aegean. An island different from the others that has been much discussed. The reason is well known. The long life expectancy of its inhabitants. "One of the places in the world with the longest-lived population" as they typically say, Ikaria. You will also hear them call Ikaria a "paradise of longevity" or "the island where people forget to die".This is confirmed by the various investigations that have been carried out for this reason from time to time. Longevity in ...

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