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Ionian Islands: Ithaca, Gidaki – The blue beach that looks like paradise

There is no doubt that in Greece there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Others more and others less well known, they attract the interest of Greek and foreign visitors. If you prefer quieter beaches offered for holidays even in September, then the Ionian Sea can offer you this relaxation that you ask for in its blue or even turquoise waters. One such case is the beautiful beach of Gidaki in Ithaca with its crystal clear waters and green environment. So quiet that you can stand ...

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Kourvoulia: The hidden paradise of Ithaca

Ithaca is one of those islands that will definitely not disappoint you as fas as it concerns its beaches. Crystal clear, turquoise waters combine with green landscapes that offer you idyllic and relaxing moments just by listening to the waves. In Ithaca you will find sandy beaches as well as pebbles and you will enjoy the sun and the sea, in their best version. All the beaches are crystal clear and invite you to stay there from morning until sunset. That's what we did. On Kourvoulia Beach! In one of ...

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Ithaca: On this beach, according to the legend is the place that Odysseus landed

Ithaca is the island that fascinates you from the first moment and it is no coincidence that Odysseus… has been looking for his Ithaca for years. An island with unique beauty, turquoise beaches, and lush landscape. That's where you'll find your own Ithaca and you are going to have a great time no matter how many days you are going to stay. And you'll find places where history gets mixed with myth and in many cases, it creates a mystery. Such a place is the beach in Ithaca where according ...

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