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Attica: Caesariani Monastery, one of the most beautiful byzantine temple

It is the most famous of all the monasteries of Ymittos and has been declared the Historical Garden of Europe by the European Union. Along with the magnificent forest that surrounds it. It is, also a great escape destination. It is the Monastery of Caesariani. When you walk on the longest mountain of Attica you confirm that Athens and generally Attica, they can and they have a special place in your heart. A dreamily walk all around the year.I One of the most beautiful Byzantine temples in Athens Dedicated to ...

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Attica: Kaisariani and its wooded monastery

Athens and Attica in general is full of history. In every one of its corners something more or less known has taken place. It is of no coincidence that many neighborhoods have been named after something characteristic that happened there, or by the name of a man or even by an attraction located in the area. This is also the case with a very well-known area in Attica which took its name from the monastery located there. We are speaking about the Kaisariani district. The monastery in Kaisariani distrtict and ...

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