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Kerameikos: An open-air museum in the center of Athens

There is a lot that makes Athens special and one of them is certainly its history. Its rich history from antiquity to the present day. Walking, in the city you will observe all around you these pieces of history especially in the summer months. They come together like pieces of a puzzle and help you take a journey through time. In the beautiful, ugly, easy and difficult times that the capital of Greece has lived. A visit one has to make is Kerameikos no doubt. This is a unique open-air ...

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When Athens was a province of about 120,000 inhabitants

Athens may now be a capital of millions of inhabitants but things were not exactly the same about a century ago. In fact, it was more like a province. A small growing town. Athens in the 1900s a was very different city from the one that it is now. Athens and its economy At that period commerce blossomed in Athens, as well as various crafts, there was also great construction activity which created jobs for several of the many available labouring hands. Of course there was a great deal of ...

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