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Kythnos: the labyrinth village

Kythnos is the Aegean island which is an easy solution for escaping from Athens due to its close proximity. Apart from its close proximity, however, it is also the island that will offer you many opportunities for beautiful moments, beautiful beaches, and good food. And so, because of his close proximity, you're probably going to spend a lot of weekends there. In these excursions, you will get to know the beautiful village that looks like a labyrinth. It's the Dryopida. It is one of the most beautiful settlements of the ...

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Kythnos island: Economic and unforgettable

Kythnos is the island where you will spend a good time and economically and it has another main advantage in its "quiver".. It is so close to Athens which makes the island an ideal destination for the weekend or for short vacations. In Kythnos you will enjoy walks and dives and you will have a great time. And you will need a low-budget that will make you extremely happy. Kythnos, the economic island for unforgettable holidays Kythnos is the island you will like from the first moment you will be ...

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