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Areas of Athens that changed their names over the years

Athens changes over the years and with it the neighborhoods, people, and well-known parts of the city changed. These changes could not be missing from the names of many areas of Athens that after various events, stories and faces, changed. For example, what area were the Koukouvaounes, and which one was the Kakosalesi? Let's go check them out... Vourlopotamos: is the name of today's Amphithea, in Paleo Faliro (near the coast of Attika), which used to borrow its name from the stream that crossed it. It retained that name until ...

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Koukouvaounes: Which area of Attica is today

Over the centuries and the various historical events, it makes sense that many regions of Attica and Greece in general have changed their appearance, even their name. One of them is the famous Koukouvaounes I'm sure you've heard it several times, and you may remember it from Alices Vougiouklakis's famous line in the old Greek film "Alice in the Navy." But what area of Attica are the Koukouvaounes today? It's the Metamorphosis! Metamorphosis is today a settlement in the western region of the northern sector of Athens, at the foot ...

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