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The imposing churches of Greece dedicated to Virgin Mary

The 15th of August is also called Little Easter. It is one of the biggest and most important celebrations of Orthodoxy. The Virgin Mary is honored and celebrated throughout Greece. Besides, where in Greece isn't there a church of Panagia (Virgin Mary)? On the mountain, by the sea, or in the midland. Everywhere churches dedicated to the Virgin Mary have been created and various names have been given to the churches Some of these churches stand out for their beauty and the spiritualism you feel when you are there. In ...

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Amorgos: one of the Cyclades’ amazing monasteries

If there is anything that the Cyclades and generally in the Aegean sea have in abundance, this is definitely churches and monasteries so close to the sea. Small monasteries in caves, on rocks and on beaches. Each creates its own sacred atmosphere and calms you down as soon as you visit it one of the most impressive monasteries in the Cyclades there is in the Amorgos. The church of the Virgin Mary of Hozoviotissa. The images are awe-inspiring. If you're there on vacation, the experience will be unforgettable. Amorgos and ...

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