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Sikinos: The island of carefree vacations you will come to love

You'll find it somewhere between Ios and Folegandros and you will immediately understand how special it is among the Cyclades Islands. This small but charming island of Sikinos gathers in the small area it occupies allurement and quietness at the same time. It's one of those islands where, when you get to know up close, you wonder why you hadn't done so before. Sikinos is the island of carefree vacation that you will come to love. You may be probably a little sceptical when you go there for the first ...

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Sikinos: The small island of the Cyclades Islands that has a sunset as the one Santorini has

There are the large, famous and multi-photographed islands of the Cyclades Complex. And then there's the little one from the Cyclades Islands, the island of Sikinos. Which, although small, proves to you why vacation in a place like this, can be unforgettable. From its beautiful Chora and the few but hospitable residents to a sunset that resembles that of Santorini. With a small difference. Much fewer people. Sikinos, the little islands of the Cyclades Complex Pinned between the tourist complexes of Ios and Folegandros, the small but picturesque Sikinus condenses ...

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