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The regions of Greece that lifted the weight of this year’s touristic period.

Tourism in Greece and around the world has suffered the biggest this year. The pandemic has brought the economy up and down, with the specialists looking for ways to save as much as they can. Some Greek destinations, however, seem to have won the bet and managed to lift the weight of this year's touristic period. These are the Greek areas that were preferred by Greek tourists this difficult period. What are these Greek regions? Parga, Samothraki, Preveza, Ammouliani, and Limnos. It is the place that attracted most Greek tourists ...

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Three alterations that could change Athens and Attica

Manos Konsolas: The attractiveness of Athens is linked to complete urban reconstructions, cleanliness and safety The upgrade of Attica is within the immediate plans of the Deputy Minister of Tourism. Manos Konsolas pointed out three interventions that could make Athens and Attica better as a whole. The Deputy Minister of Tourism analysed how the areas of the capital can be upgraded at the general meeting of the Athens-Attica Hotel Association. The aim is to create an even more attractive tourist destination. Giving value to the product.Further strengthening Greece's heavy industry ...

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New travel trends: Forget everything you knew so far

Conde Nast Traveller magazine brought together what's coming fast Tourism is changing. Mutated. It is adjusting to today. To the new needs that are created. The tourist's requirements are different. What are the new trends for travel? What are we going to see? The travel magazine Conde Nast Traveller gathered what comes on the tourist map at a rapid pace. Are you tired of visiting places that have hundreds, even thousands of tourists together with you? I guess you're not the only one. 2020 will bring new ideas. Some of ...

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