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Kipina Monastery: Inside a strange monastery that takes your breath away

The Holy Monastery of Kipina is located in Tzoumerka, Ioannina. It is one of those monasteries that will leave you speechless with the natural landscape surrounding it. Being part of a steep vertical rock, inside which the monastery was carved, the first thing you will feel as you lift your gaze and face it will be nothing but absolute awe. So, let's learn about the long history it carries, but also admire the immersive scenery that surrounds it. Religious tourism: Five monasteries ornaments of Orthodoxy Kipina Monastery: A monastery made ...

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Kipina Monastery: The small and wondrous “Meteoron” of Epirus

The surrounding mountains awe you, the sun shimmers on the rocks. And if you don't take a good look, it's hard to spot the Monastery of Kipina, a monastery built literally on the rock. It's as if it is tied to the rock. It's as if it were created together with the with erosions and the changes in rock formations. The scenery is breathtaking. Where is the Monastery of Kipina This special monastery is carved on a slope of Tzoumerka Mountain, on a steep rock in Epirus. It is located ...

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