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The unknown volcano located next to Athens

The volcano of Santorini may be the most famous in Greece but it is not the only one. You probably don't even know that there is a volcano, which is considered active a breath away from Athens. The reason for the volcano of Methana which, in fact, began to be systematically monitored about a year ago by the Geodynamic Institute of the National Observatory of Athens. The volcano and its history The volcano of Methana is located in the Saronic Gulf, only 50 km from Athens. It may be considered ...

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Chaos: the little-known heart-shaped crater in Attica

Attica,apart from its beauties, has several impressive and more mysterious places. Other more and other less well known. One of them is located in Lavrio and is called "Chaos". It is a truly rare monument of nature and is only a few kilometers from Athens. It is called Chaos and is located in the area of Kamariza, very close to Lavrio. It is a kind of crater with a depth up to 55 meters and a diameter of 120 meters. History and legend What is particularly impressive is its shape, ...

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