A secluded beach of Attica for great swimming

Turquoise waters just 40 minutes away from Athens

The hidden beach of Attica where you go... swimming1

Attica is full of small and large beaches waiting for you to enjoy moments of coolness and relaxation. Others are more and others are less well-known beaches and you may find there more or fewer people. Some of you may not even have heard of them and you’ve never been there to enjoy your swim. This is probably the case with a hidden beach in Attica. It’s a beach you’re actually swimming on. This means that it is not a beach easily accessible to everyone but at the same time it means that you will not find many people and you will enjoy swimming in clear crystal clear waters.

The hidden beach of Attica next to Althea

The beach we are talking about is right next to the beach of Althea under The Avenue of Athens – Soniou. It is not an unnamed beach, which we simply call it a ‘hidden beach next to Althea’. It is a beach with turquoise waters and fine pebbles along with sand. The main feature of the beach is the large cave that it has.

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You won’t find much shade unless you leave your things in the shadow created by the rock which is there. It is also a beach that is not affected by the winds and you can enjoy your swim there in calm waters. If you want to approach it, of course, as we said, you’re going to have to go swimming… Or by boat.

If you want to go swimming, you’ll need just five minutes from althea beach to get there. What is certain is that the crystal clear waters and the quietness of the beach will reward you. See HERE the hidden beach of Attica next to Althea.

Photo Source: Google Maps This beach is in the area of Keratea in Attica and it is the ultimate getaway without any exaggeration.

Swimming in Althea

The beach of Althea is one of the most beautiful beaches of Attica with turquoise waters and an idyllic landscape. It is a heavenly place a breath away from Athens and actually 40 minutes away.

Regarding access to Althea beach, keep in mind that on the way you will see the church of Agia Marina and then wait to see a sign with the name Althea. That’s where you’ll see an alley. The alley leads you to the little paradise. In fact, it leads you to a small parking lot where you can leave your car.

External photography source: Google Maps

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