Special for Cyclades divers: Santa Maria Beach

Golden cosmopolitan sand for all tastes

Παραλία Σάντα Μαρία: Βουτιές στην ξεχωριστή των Κυκλάδων1

Greece has many beaches that look exotic and some of them are in the Cyclades. Such a beach is located on the edge of Paros and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Of course we’re talking about Santa Maria Beach in Paros. A sandy beach full of life that captures your heart from the first moment you’re there! Paros is known for its quality and cosmopolitan holidays and Santa Maria is one of the most important proofs of all these. The sights, good food, and nightlife are just a few more…

Santa Maria Beach and its beauties

For many, Santa Maria is the best beach in Paros, and not unfairly. It is located on the northeast side of the island, directly opposite from Naxos.

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The crystal clear sandy beach and the cool water of the sea form an ideal landscape for relaxation. The beautiful bottom of the sea challenges you to explore it by diving in the blue waters. Most of the beach is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds.

Along the beach, you will find many bars with music and taverns that will awaken your desire for a seafood dish or a simple snack. You can also try your adrenaline in water sports such as windsurfing, diving, jet-skiing, or set up a beach-volley race with your friends.

Santa Maria Beach has a natural landscape that can be described as a heaven on earth. The coastline forms in many places small coves for isolation, providing natural shade under the Tamarix plants.

How to get to Santa Maria of the Cyclades

The main thing is to be on holiday in Paros. Then things are simple. The beach of Santa Maria is located about 2 km from the settlement of Naoussa(city) and 15 km from Paroikia (town and Port of Paros). To learn more about her you can read HERE.

The route is easy with your own car and you can find a parking space quite easy as there is a large area suitable for parking, a short distance from the beach.

If you need to move by local transport means, you will not have difficulty, as there are frequent bus routes throughout the day.

Photo Source: e-kyklades.gr

What’s certain is that you’ll spend moments of peace and relaxation that you’ll remember for a long time…

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