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The impressive cave in Attica discovered by two students

It is only 12 years since two students brought to light one of the largest and most impressive caves in Attica. The reason for the "Cave of Aphaia" on Mount Aigaleo, opposite the settlement of Aphaia in Haidari. Aphaia Cave is a labyrinthine cave with exceptional beauty. However, it is not considered usable for public visits because of its high inclination. It is a cave that was discovered relatively recently, but the most impressive is, the way it was discovered. His entrance was located by two children, Panagiotis Dionisiou and ...

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What is the wall “Dema” in Attica that looked like an Incas fortress

Athens and Attica in general, hide dozens of secrets that are revealed over the years and they are of great importance. One such unknown monument in Attica is the wall "Dema" which is considered to have looked in the past like an Incas fortress. The wall "Dema" in Attica and its history The ancient <dema> wall is an ancient wall that has an area of about 4.5 km. It can be seen from above between Mount Aigaleo and Parnitha. It is a monument that has concerned archaeologists about its usefulness ...

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