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The gifts to the traffic warden: A custom from the Old Athens

If you have spent your childhood in Athens in the past decades, then you certainly have some characteristic memories. One of them would be traffic wardens in their canopies. There, under their "barrels" in Kifissia and in Syntagma Square one could see a multitude of gifts on Christmas days. A special custom, very characteristic of the Old Athens. Identified with the Christmas and New Year holidays. The offer of gifts is maintained to this day. The most well-known traffic warden was definitely that of Kifissia Square. The traffic wardens in ...

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Kifissia Square: five carriages that take you back in time

We got on a wagon, made the 15-20 minute ride and chatted with the coachman. The junction of Kolokotroni and Levidou streets is the hangout of coachmen in Kifissia Square. There's only five left of them. They're continuing the tradition. They're going back in time. They do it for a living or to boost their income. And definitely out of love. And, of course, against all odds. "We only work on weekends. On holidays and days-off. And on a special weekday sometimes," one of the five coachmen told, "Exploring Greece." ...

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