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What was the “little Lycabettus” of Athens, and what happened to it?

Even if you have been to Lycabettus only once (which is hardly possible) the view explains why the hill is so famous in Athens. Lycabettus is the hill you climb to calm down, gaze over the city, stare at the full moon, and dream. Going downhill you will pass through Kolonaki and the surrounding areas to the historic center. Lycabettus is also located a few minutes from the center of Athens. Kolonaki, however, is the area that is more connected to Lycabettus. The perception that we have today is that ...

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Lycabettus: What’s changing on the conical hill of Athens

One of Athens' most iconic sightseeing will change in the next 1.5 years Within the next 18 months, Lycabettus Hill will change. The Municipality of Athens intends to implement a series of projects in order to give the famous hill of the Greek capital a different face. The aim, according to the Municipality, is - in addition to changes in appearance - for it to become safer for its visitors and residents. At the same time, it will be an attraction and a place of recreation for even more Greeks ...

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