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The steep chapel built by a castaway in the Cyclades Islands

Greece is full of monasteries, churches and chapels each with its own unique history. Of great interest is how some churches and monasteries were created and founded. Like the story that a steep chapel in the Cyclades Islands has. This is the chapel of Agios Sozon. One night several years ago, a merchant's ship was wrecked in the maritime area off the coast south of NaxosThe merchandise he had on the boat was oil and wine. In his battle with the waves, he told God that if he would be ...

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Kythnos: The Cycladic island with the painted walls

The Cyclades islands consist of a cluster of islands where one is more beautiful than the next. Each one stands out for its own beauty and special characteristics. So is Kythnos island. The island of simplicity and hospitality. Kythnos, an island with painted walls that reminds you of the beauty that art really has when it comes out of people's hearts. A trip to Kythnos island leads you to white settlements, the beautiful villages of Chora and Dryopida and 99 beaches. A little tour that makes you quickly realize that ...

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Olympus: The village of Greece where women have the first say

Olympus offers a rare opportunity: One can live a completely different experience. The village Olympus differs quite a bit from the thousands of villages that exist in Greece. This village of Karpathos island made CNN go and see what this is. There's diversity there, that's not easy to find in other parts of the country. It's hard to find it, even in other countries. It is the village in Greece where women have the first say. In the northern part of the island, the folk tradition is maintained in full ...

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